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TH Group Bhd has forged long-standing partnerships based on trust, integrity and a proven track record. Services provided include land clearing and construction works. Today, TH Group is an established integrated service provider offering contracting services in construction and land clearing.

This is highly convenient for our clients as it saves them from having to look for different contractors to handle different aspects of their projects. We have proven our ability to work under difficult conditions in remote locations, backed by our machinery and equipment. What is more, we have the capability to work with speed on large areas.

Core Strengths

Relevant industry experience
TH Group has a pool of experienced and efficient construction professionals who continuously build the company’s track record in both in East and West Malaysia. A number of the completed jobs were secured through invited or negotiated tender basis. This is a testimonial of the Group’s cost competitiveness and quality of service. To date, TH Group has a consistent track record of timely completion and delivery of their projects.

Integrated services
TH Group’s construction division offers a wide range of services, which include design, reengineering, construction consultancy, construction
management, quality assurance and contracting. We have established strategic alliances with international specialist consultants and contractors to meet the needs and expectations of our valued clients.

Quality management system
In place is a comprehensive set of procedures, a valuable asset to any project to ensure that a project runs smoothly and that deadlines are met. Together with regular progress reviews and meetings, the Project Manager is able to ensure regulatory compliance and that specific project requirements are met.

Delivery and client feedback
Timely delivery is one of the key emphasis of the construction division of TH Group. We constantly provide feedback on the progress and status of the
construction project to our clients through regular discussions and meetings. All of our clients are regarded as our partners with whom we work together towards achieving highquality and outstanding results.

Friendliness towards environment
The company has been widely praised for its increased care to the environment. Every construction undertaken takes into account environmental issues. Thus, a detailed assessment is made prior to the start of a construction project to ensure that no harm is extended to the environment.

Good workforce management
A central procurement unit was established in 2003 to manage all procurement processes, thus ensuring cost efficiencies on bulk purchases.

Building a strong reputation
TH Group’s construction unit managed to establish a name in the construction industry within a span of four years since the unit was officially established in 2001. In addition to the strong name built in Sabah as a reliable contractor, the construction unit has expanded its wings to cover Peninsula‘s market. The division has a well balanced building record ranging from low cost housing, sports complex, a hospital to projects requiring specific design and build criteria. On infrastructure works, the Group started with the construction of roads in the interior of Sabah , followed by a port expansion project and a recent drainage project based in Sabah .

Innovating to meet industry demands
Having proven itself to be a capable and reliable construction company, TH Group is now ready to bid for government-related infrastructure projects in line with the Government’s 9th Malaysian Plan to ensure a continuous contract flow.


Bungalow units at Mont' Kiara, Kuala Lumpur