Board of Directors


Dato’ Ismail bin Hamzah
Independent Non-Executive Chairman of the Board
Appointed on 28 February 2007
Also Chairman of Nomination Committee and Remuneration Committee, Member of Audit Commitee

Dato' Ismail Bin Hamzah has 31 years of experience in various aspects in the Government Administration from Economics, Finance to Internal Security. He started his career in the Malaysian Administration and Diplomatic Services after graduating from University of Malaya with a Bachelor of Economics (Honours) in Analytical Economics. His last position in the Government service was as the Deputy Secretary General at the Ministry of Home Affairs. He currently serves as a member in the Board of Directors of GUH Holdings Berhad, PDZ Holdings Berhad, FCW Holdings Berhad and the Independent Non-Executive Chairman of Engtex Group Berhad.

Lei Lin Thai
Group Managing Director
Appointed on 22 February 1999.

Mr. Lei Lin Thai is the founder of the Group, and serves as the main driving force. He has many years of working experience in the timber and oil palm plantation industry, and his credentials speak for themselves. In the recent years, when Mr. Lei identified coal mining as another profitable business for the company, he took an active role in leading the entire contracting venture in Kalimantan, Indonesia, from the initial mining infrastructure development to the construction of jetty for transhipment of coal. Exposure to various business sectors helped to hone his analytical skills in making business and investment related decisions, and makes him an invaluable member of the Group.

Wong Ah Kow
Non-Independent Non-Executive Director
Appointed on 22 February 1999.

Mr. Wong Ah Kow brings with him experience and understanding of the mechanical and technical aspects of the timber business. In addition to his knowledge, Mr. Wong also has experience in oil palm plantation development, as well as its cultivation.

Tam Kam Too
Non-Independent Non-Executive Director
Appointed on 22 February 1999.

Mr. Tam Kam Too plays an active role in the Contracting division in providing expertise in dealing and working with steel fabrication industry. Mr. Tam’s long working experience within the steel fabrication industry has been an asset for the Contracting division of the Group. His past experiences also included handling of numerous steel related construction projects for the Government of Singapore and the private sector.

Michael Ting Sii Ching
Independent Non-Executive Director
Appointed on 27 June 2003.
Also Chairman of the Audit Committee and Member of the Nomination Committee

Mr. Michael Ting has had more than 22 years of working experience in management and financial consulting, corporate finance and corporate planning. Currently, he heads the Corporate Planning and Development Division of a listed company, and also sits on the board of CB Industrial Product Holding Berhad as an Independent Non-Executive Director. Mr. Ting earned his Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, majoring in Accounting and MIS, from the Simon Fraser's University in British Columbia, Canada in 1983.

Rohana Tan Sri Mahmood
Independent Non-Executive Director
Appointed on 18 September 2003.
Also a Member of the Remuneration Committee

Cik Rohana Tan Sri Mahmood is the Chairman of Ethos Capital Sdn Bhd, a RM200 million private equity fund that invests in ASEAN companies. She is also the Deputy President and Founding Member of the Kuala Lumpur Business Club (KLBC) and Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Board Member of the Pacific Basin Economic Council (PBEC). Prior to this, she was with the Institute of Strategic and International Studies Malaysia (ISIS), and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Malaysia . Cik Rohana is actively involved in business, principally in the field of Education; she is the Chairman of Masterskill Sdn Bhd and a Director of KDU College Sdn Bhd and KDU Smart School Sdn Bhd. In addition, she also sits on the Board of various public listed companies, including Paramount Corporation Berhad and Dijaya Corporation Berhad. Rohana holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Hons) in Politics from the University of Essex and a Masters in International Relations from the University of Sussex, UK.

Wong Chee Beng
Independent Non-Executive Director
Appointed on 20 March 2006.
Also Member of the Audit Committee, Remuneration Committee, and Nomination Committee

Mr. Wong has more than 30 years of experience in the areas of auditing, accounting, financial management, business entrepreneurship and company secretarial work. He has sat on the board of CB Industrial Product Holding Berhad since 2002 as an Independent Non-Executive Director. Mr. Wong is a member of the Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA) and a member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA). He also holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Brunel University, UK and is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP).

Lei Yee Leong
Alternate Director to Mr. Lei Lin Thai
Appointed on 28 February 20007

Mr. Lei Yee Leong has experience and knowledge in the workings of investment, business development and corporate planning. Prior to joining the group, Mr.Lei had held various portfolios in relation to equity investments as an investment analyst and equity dealer in various securities firms in Singapore. He obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with dual concentration in Finance and Accounting from Northeastern University, Boston in US.

Mr. Wong Chiun Chian
Alternate Director to Mr. Wong Ah Kow
Appointed on 1st July 2008

Mr. Wong Chiun Chian has experience and knowledge of engineering work. Prior to joining the Group, Mr. Wong held position as Mechanical & Electrical Engineer in various construction firms. He obtained a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Hons.) from University of Nottingham, England and Master in Business Administration from University of Leicester, England.